Linux on Maxdata Eco 4000A Laptop (AMD Sempron 2600+, 1.6GHZ).

I've put Debian-testing (from about september 2005) on my Maxdata Eco 4000A notebook, with kernel, (before I used 2.6.14-rc5 and, they work too). All important things works OK.

Main things that don't work for me are: S-video out and the SD cardreader.

From 2.6.17 or thereabout I start to experience infrequent lockups, usually about 5 min after boot.

Below I describe in more detail my experiences with my Maxdata Eco 4000A Laptop & Linux (Debian)

For more information on my linux kernel .config, lspci output, etc, see here

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I haven't tested everything yet; I'll try to add more info later. If you would like me to test something, please email me.

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