As of linux-2.6.14-rc3, the problem reported in this page is fixed.

The following system-freezes/oopses I received while swap-suspending linux-2.6.14-rc1 (also with other versions before 2.6.14-rc2). When using the "shutdown" operating mode to write the memory image to disk (echo "shutdown" > /sys/power/disk), the freezes seem to happen rather frequently, but somewhat less often when unloading most modules before the suspend.

When using echo "firmware" > /sys/power/disk, the freezes don't happen as often, even when I have my usual 26 modules loaded.

I've only transcribed the first image, as I haven't had any responce to my email to (I'm not subscribed to the list). If I can help by transcribing the images (or any other way), please ask.

General info about my system: